The Place Retreats Bali

The Place Retreats Bali

We all have moments of feeling burned-out, stressed, troubled by our present and past. We apply quick-fix plasters to our wounds, rather than actually healing them. We’re so frazzled by our every day that we don’t make the time for the most important journey of our lives: restoring our mental, physical and spiritual health.

The Place, a stunning 5* retreat in coastal Seminyak, Bali, was conscientiously designed and constructed to offer powerful and life-changing pathways to healing and revitalisation for its guests. A team of celebrated experts in their respective fields offer a truly exceptional combination of daily psychotherapy sessions with Europe’s most highly regarded therapist Jean-Claude Chalmet, coupled with Kundalini Yoga taught by Alma Romanello . This profound mind and body work, combined with body therapies such as: Craniosacral, Watsu, Tantra, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing and Spiritual Wellness, has successfully transformed the lives of its guests since opening in 2015.

With a philosophy that our overall health cannot be separated from mental health anymore, The Place brings its guests to the realisation that while we obsess about taking care of our bodies by exercising and eating healthily, it is the negative mind that can overwhelm our thoughts. These negative thoughts then travel through the body in different emotions and shift our whole being. With daily therapy and yoga practice guided by experts at The Place, perceptions and belief systems that filter and shape our reality are changed, allowing guests to view their world with a brand-new perspective and outlook. This is a fundamental, deep transformation that has given a multitude of The Place guests a new life in which they are finally the masters, creating their own reality.

What sets The Place totally apart from all other luxurious and stunning resorts are its one of a kind 40 and 90-day long stay retreats. The intensive, consecutive daily practice of psychotherapy and Kundalini yoga acts as a formidable catalyst for life-change. The resort’s guests that participate in either the package retreats or the tailor-made long stay retreats, as well as 40 or 90-day individual stays experience a powerful and transformative pathway to healing. Times columnist and celebrated psychotherapist, Jean-Claude Chalmet, leads the individual and group therapy sessions that seamlessly align with the bodywork taught by Alma and her Kundalini yoga team.

With this exceptional approach to wellness, hearts and minds are connected, so that guests’ intellectual and emotional ages are powerfully aligned. The benefits build with the daily practice of the 90 or 40-day programme; new life habits are formed and established for the body, mind and spirit, allowing for deep-seated changes of mindset that continue to manifest themselves over time.