Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that overall health cannot be separated from mental health. While we may obsess about taking care of our bodies by exercising and eating healthily, it is the negative mind that can overwhelm our thoughts and our lives. These negative thoughts then travel through the body in the guise of different emotions that shift our whole being. With therapy and yoga practice guided by our experts, perceptions and belief systems that filter and shape reality are changed, allowing people to view their world with a brand-new perspective and outlook.

This is a fundamental, deep transformation that has given a multitude of our clients a new life in which they are finally the masters, in control of their reality. Many of us are fraught with anxiety, sadness and trepidation. It does not take long before the heart and mind work that we offer at our London and Bali centres, in the total care of our professional team, allows guests to feel so safe that they can start to relax and enjoy a feeling of renewal, revival and restoration.

All of us are beautifully capable of changing our unhelpful habits, behaviours, and states of mind. It’s natural for the human brain to focus on the negative – a necessary bias which alerts us to threats and hardwires us for survival. Combined with difficult or traumatic experience, it’s no wonder that fearful thoughts and low mood dominate our actions and darken our reality. In trying to protect ourselves, we harm ourselves. Our perception of the world and our place within it becomes distorted, and we struggle to function normally. Common signs of this are fear, low self-esteem, anxiety, food issues, and even depression and addiction.

At The Place, our participants learn how to manage their emotions – which are often difficult, extreme and overwhelming. As they grow to understand what triggers these feelings (which usually originate from distressing past experiences) they are more able to cope with situations that previously might have crushed them, and experience strength, contentment and balance in their everyday lives.

During our time together, guests undertake a transformational process of dynamic yoga plus individual and group therapy. This occurs in the gorgeous exotic surroundings of Seminyak, on the Balinese coast.

Imagine a long stay in a sumptuous boutique hotel, with leisure time to enjoy the swimming pools, tropical gardens, spa treatments, complementary therapies, and delicious cuisine.

There they learn the practice of Kundalini yoga – which helps develop a more instinctive connection between how you feel and your physicality. The longer stay enables you to crystallise these beneficial patterns and achievements. The meditative element of yoga is particularly effective in calming your mind and creating new neural pathways that help you maintain a more useful, grounded outlook, positive habits, and an authentic, effective way of seeing and being.

The healing process, despite its many challenges, can be pleasurable and rewarding…