Upon arrival in Bali you will be welcomed at the airport and taken to the five-star luxury retreat centre, that is your home for the duration of your stay. You will be totally free of all responsibilities. Meals, transport and activities are all catered for, giving you the time and space that you need to focus on yourself. This allows you to let go of the stresses of everyday life, finding true guidance for a new direction. Being totally taken care of, you start to feel more confident, relaxed, renewed and revived. Your length of stay depends on your individual needs and your treatment plan is personalised to suit your requirements. During our time together, guests undertake a transformational process of dynamic yoga plus individual and group therapy. This occurs in the gorgeous exotic surroundings of Seminyak, on the Balinese coast.

There you will learn the practice of Kundalini yoga – which helps to develop a more instinctive connection between how you feel and your physicality. The longer stay enables you to crystallise these beneficial patterns and achievements. The meditative element of yoga is particularly effective in calming your mind and creating new neural pathways that help you maintain a more useful, grounded outlook, positive habits, and an authentic, effective way of seeing and being.

What sets The Place, Bali totally apart from all other luxurious and stunning resorts are its one of a kind 40 and 90-day long stay retreats. The intensive, consecutive daily practice of psychotherapy and Kundalini yoga acts as a formidable catalyst for life-change. The resort’s guests that participate in either the package retreats or the tailor-made 8-90 day retreats, experience a powerful and transformative pathway to healing. Times columnist and celebrated psychotherapist, Jean-Claude Chalmet, leads the individual and group therapy sessions that seamlessly align with the body work taught by Alma and her Kundalini yoga team.

New Kundalini classes available

  • Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness; classes may include warm-ups, breathing techniques (pranayama), an exercise set (kriya), deep relaxation, chanting, and meditation. This practice helps to balance the glandular system, strengthen the nervous system, expand lung capacity and purify the blood.
  • Experience it for yourself and feel the transformation towards physical strength, heightened awareness, mental clarity, and happiness.
  • Private sessions are also available.